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Cancer Support Services

Image Recovery Center®

The Image Recovery Center® at Memorial Hospital West offers services and products to help you regain a positive body image. Our wide variety of high-quality products includes post-surgical bras, breast prostheses, bras, wigs, lymphedema garments, scarves and more. The center is accredited and has board-certified mastectomy fitters on site ready to help you select products that best compliment your appearance and lifestyle. To schedule an appointment, call 954-844-6814.

What Is Image Recovery?

Our cancer support team knows that while medicine is making great strides in the fight against cancer and other illnesses, one of the hardest parts of treatment and recovery for patients can be the effects on appearance and self-esteem. The Image Recovery Center® is a place of hope and healing, where you receive personalized counseling and services to help you adjust to the physical and emotional changes you may experience due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery. Many individuals experience hair loss, skin discoloration and scarring. Others may find their appearance has changed dramatically and permanently. These changes in your nails, hair, skin and overall appearance vary depending on your illness and treatment plan. Our highly trained cancer support services staff is focused on educating cancer patients about possible side effects associated with treatments and surgery, and how to prevent or address concerns. Our cancer support services can help you normalize your physical appearance so you can focus on being an active participant in your recovery.

Enhancing Your Treatment and Recovery

The Image Recovery Center® is an integral part of the Memorial Cancer Institute′s interdisciplinary approach to planning, implementing and evaluating the needs of cancer patients. Our Cancer Support Services staff works closely with you and your medical team to develop a personalized appearance plan that focuses on promoting wellness and restoring dignity. You will learn simple but necessary tips on scalp care after hair loss, beauty and skin care tools and techniques, camouflage makeup, nutrition information and more.

The Image Recovery Center′s® spa-like atmosphere is designed to promote peace and healing. Our sensitive and caring staff is trained to provide services and support especially for cancer patients. We offer education, consultation and an array of body image services and products to address appearance and self-image concerns.

No formal referrals are required, and we will work with you to confirm insurance eligibility, coverage and pre-certification requirements for wigs, mastectomy products, compression garments and other products and services. For your convenience, after-hours, inpatient and home consultations are available.

For more information about Image Recovery Center® and our cancer support services, please call Memorial Hospital West at 954-844-6814.

Is Your Doctor a Memorial Doctor?
To find a physician who is committed to cancer treatment and services, call Memorial Physician Referral Service toll-free at (800) 944-DOCS. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.